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The Location of the Hotel

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Alisaxni Resort Location

The Location

of the Resort Alisaxni In Akrotiri Santorini

The Lighthouse (Faros) was manufactured in 1892 from the French company of Lighthouses. Its Square tower, is located 10m higher the house of lighthouse-keepers. It was firstly used in 1892 and was working with petroleum while its luminosity was 23 n.m.

During the 2nd W.W. the lighthouse stayed dead until 1945 when the Hellenic Navy decided to reconstruct the lighthouse network. In 1983 the Lighthouse was supplied with electric power and operated as warded when in 1988 was completely automated. Now it shines a white light with a flash every 10″secs. with luminosity 24 n.m. The cross road just before the village of Akrotiri leads to the Lighthouse. The view of the sunset from the stone-wall surrounding the lighthouse is amazing and is one of the most beautiful on the island.

Sunset at The Lighthouse Santorini

Akrotiri is located to the south-western part of the island. Buried under the tons of volcanic ashes, this prehistoric settlement was left almost intact and archaeologists have found a settlement which had been active since at least the 3rd milenium B.C. 
There are a lot of taverns, hotels around the area, as well as, two very old churches: the church of Saint Triada and the temple of Ipapanti. 

Moreover, from Akrotiri, tourists can easily see the Venetian castle, which was destroyed by the Turks when they took Santorini Island during the Turkish sovereignty. While driving to Akrotiri the visitor can admire the great view of Caldera, can feel the colorful atmosphere of Thira (Fira) and Ia.

Alisaxni Resort is located in Faros (at the lighthouse) in the Akrotiri area, built in the traditional Santorinian Cycladic style.

Air Panoramic Video of the Location :

We would love to welcome you to our gorgeous resort in the breathtaking view in Akrotiri Santorini

Enjoy the best possible vacation in Santorini island , Greece for your family

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